Halloween 2021 - Ghosted Packs

$5.00 - $25.00
  • Halloween 2021 - Ghosted Packs

If you know me, you know Halloween's my favorite time of year. Since I didn't do a full-bore Halloween artshow this year, I'm reinstating the GHOSTED pack.

There are two ghosted options:

Pack A: Stickers only - $5.00
These little ghosties come in two styles, with white sheet and without sheet (for stealth placement)t. Get 10 stickers (5 with white sheet, 5 outline only) for $5.00 shipped. Stickers are roughly 3" x 1.25"

Pack B: Original Ghosted art + 10 stickers - $25.00
Get 10 stickers (5 with white sheet, 5 outline only) and an original piece of ghost art by yours truly. 4x6" that fit perfectly inside a standard 4x6" frame. Acrylic and pencil (and glow in the dark paint!) on Masonite. You can't go wrong! Perfect for the Halloween season. Each one is unique (sorry, no requests) and ready to ship to you today, just in time for the only holiday that matters! Get this combo for $25.00 shipped.

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