VC - Crusher Destroyer - Steven Vogel


  • Image of VC - Crusher Destroyer - Steven Vogel

12" x 12" one color silkscreen on coffee-stained paper.
Signed with a rubber stamp, numbered edition of 75

Created by Steven Vogel from Black Lodges in conjunction with 1975 for 1975's five year anniversary show VOLO CALVARIAM. Each one is uniguely hand-coffee-stained.

You can read a bit about the print and the show here:

We have designated three degrees of staining, please select which type you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate your request. (The pictured image would be considered "Cream and Sugar")

Black - Heavy Staining
Cream and Sugar - Somewhere in the middle
Decaf - very even staining with fewer splotches

The print will ship flat, hence the slightly higher shipping fee.

For free local pickup, please use the code LOCALSONLY when placing your order!

*For European customers, Steven will be soon offering these prints through BLACK LODGES to help save on shipping.

October 5 - November 2, 2013
All prices include 8% NYS sales tax.